Sign in hotmail, it is very easy.

HOTMAIL, you have to visit In this web, you can register or sign in hotmail. all your friends are on this website. you can talk with them: martha, louise, anna,...

When you register in hotmail. You must to write your name and surname, maybe you don´t want that people meet you, so you don´t must to write on your true name. In hotmail, you must to write on your direction and number mobile.

In hotmail, you can to send sms at other people: your family, friends, and people who you don´t meet. In the sms, you can send photography and video. You have to be careful about the messages you receive. Some messages may contain viruses your computer will be damaged.

To talk, you can use the chat in hotmail, your friends talk you and the homework of class are talked by the chat. You can also submit jobs...

It has registred much people who are all the world. It was popular in the year 2004 and 2005, now people use facebook, badoo or tuenti where they can speak and they watch the photography. it is used in countries like Spain, France,....

Entra en esta página para poder hablar con tus amigos. En esta web podrás registrarte y encontrarte a multitud de gente que conoces, desde tus amigos a tus compañeros de trabajo o de clase. El chat te permite hablar con ellos.

Esta pagina se hizó popular en el año 2004 y 2005, sin embargo ahora otras redes como tuenti y facebook se están abriendo mucho más pasos. Ya que a través de tuenti o facebook puedes hablar con tus amigos mientras ves sus fotos. Hotmail no hay que olvidar que te da la posibilidad de enviar correos también, algo que no te dejan las demás redes.

Sign in hotmail, it is very easy

hotmail sign in

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